MM 17 – The Metropolitan Man, Chapter 13 pt 2

Finale, part 3

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  1. Loved this, amazing job! Audio quality was great, excellent story; and though I am conflicted on the ending, it was a satisfying conclusion.

    Just curious though, for those of us who know Mozart and haven’t read the story; don’t you think the music used for the first scene was a bit of a give away?

    Can’t wait for the interview, though can we get a hint on what story you will be doing next?

  2. The ending brought me a thought that Superman is an upper bound to the simplified humanism. It is good to extend indefinitely your intelligence, strength, life if possible right until it makes you an existential threat to humanity with odds of more than 1 to 1000. Then you should be killed at first opportunity.

    You podcast stories that are so addictive that you even become addictive to the very media they are delivered via. You are my sound cloud :)

    • I agree a 100% about the sound cloud :)

      I didn’t read de fanfic before unlike HPMoR which I’ve read and then found and listen to the podcast, and even like this it made me cry a few times. The MM ending totally shocked me. I know you don’t write the stories but you really know how to transmit them.

      Eneasz, you are a great _storyteller_ or _narrator_ as you prefer. Your voice is so familiar to me that I count you as one of my friends. Thank you very much for doing this.

  3. I read the fanfic, and now I’ve listened to it. I still don’t understand what happened/how he died.

    I’m guessing that he purposely flew through the wall to get away from Mercy’s throw. But in doing so crashed through the wall that was lined with kyrptonite.

    Actually now that I’ve written that down I’m sure thats what happened.

  4. The ending felt really empty. I feel like nothing was really achieved besides Lex winning in a very dissatisfying manner.

    • That’s a frequent criticism. And while I mostly agree, I think the strength of the rest of the story made it worth reading/podcasting. In addition, the sudden resolution left me pondering the unfairness and meaninglessness of life in general. I know that fiction is NOT supposed to mimic life, because life is narratively unsatisfying, but to have it do so at the end of a well-written work made me think about it on a different level than I would have if it was a bad, or even just average, story.

      So, I guess, yes, it has flaws, and for some people that ruins the story. I still liked it.

  5. Now this history is over I have a question: Is Nathan Bowman’s voice his *real* voice? I mean in real-regular life does he sound like this? Does he order a coffee sounding like Superman? Choosing him for the Superman/Clark Kent character was en excellent decision.

    • LOL! I’m not sure, but I’ll ask him :)

    • This is the best question I’ve ever been asked haha. The voice I did for Superman and Clark is a slight variation on my normal voice so yeah I sound like that in regular life. The Superman side comes out usually when I’m talking professionally with people at work.

  6. First, thank you for all your efforts. But this one is a disappointment compared to HPMOR. I give it 5.2 out of 10, while I give HPMOR 9.5 out of 10.

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