Instruments of Destruction


Witness the firepower of this… almost… fully operational battle station…

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  1. Starting around the time Jerjerrod starts talking to Ganth, there’s this strange “pinging” noise that keeps happening. What IS that?

  2. Having worked in as a computer programer for the US Air Force, I found this extremely amusing. By the way, this has not yet been added to the Other Audio page.

  3. At the current time this sort of reminds me a little of Brexit, with the politians having ideas how things are simple and the problems can be easily solved.. while those working on things affected by it know that that is not how it is.
    And it all explodes on March 29th at 11pm local time. /o\

    I really like this story, I liked it before I looked at the whole Brexit issue already. :-D

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