Crystal Society 1


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  1. Olexandr Lykhenko

    Don’t worry Eneasz, I will think of your voice as if it were female anyway during your narration of this great story ;)

    I would be grateful if you elaborated on your decision at Bayesian Conspiracy podcast if you don’t mind. Females can totally have male voice, some transgender people for instance, and, unless it is directly mentioned in the book that Face has femaley female voice, you totally fit for the role even without gender swap :)

  2. Karl Nordenstorm

    Great choice for new book. But wrong file. When u download u get ep one of metroman

  3. Not a big fan of genderswapping the main character. I wouldn’t mind a male voice just reading the text of someone who identifies as female.

  4. I’m so happy you’re doing another long fiction! I really like your work (and the work from the authors, and everyone that helps you)! This is the best fiction I consume, all types of media included :)

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