(CS 6) Production Notes

This episode reminded me how much I enjoy putting in sound effects and backing ambience. When I was going through Crystal Society for the second time to assess it for audio production, I was kinda relieved to find there wasn’t much in the way of SFX cues. I figured it would save me a lot of time. It’s true that I do save a fair bit of time… but I didn’t realize how much I missed all those little additions until this week. They were fun to do. And with a project of passion, keeping it fun is really important. This is a thing I will have to consider more going forward. I think I’ve overloaded myself with projects lately, and I need to narrow my focus in the near-ish future.

New SFX: Jaguar, Bells, Fireworks

Ambiance: Catacombs, from Tabletop Audio

Intro/Outro – I Wanna Be Adored, by The Stone Roses

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