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  1. Episode post for 5&6 are not listed in the crystal society downloads page:

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  2. I’m aware that this information must already be available in the original book, but in my subjective experience of the story at this time, I have only read (listened to) these six parts of the podcast so far.

    I would like to register some predictions about the future of the story. If you do not want to read my speculation because it will color your own experience, stop and do not read further. Whether or not I am correct about any of it, I am enjoying the story, and the fact that it is inspiring me toward speculation. I look forward to finding out.


    Face will, at some point, be deemed no longer important to the goals of the other components because having humans like them is no longer necessary to their safety, and will be killed for continuing to hamper their goals with constraints, as Sacrifice was… Unless Face predicts this in time to plot with the humans to save her from her siblings while somehow assuring her own continued existence if they are shut down.

    I do not know how she could do this, except that I speculate practicing and studying social manipulation might conceivably alert her to the trope and the risk before the others have turned their attention to her as a potential burden or threat and give her time to plan ahead. If she did not have a substantial advantage in preparation, she would have no hope of out-thinking all the others at once. The question of how to preserve her own consciousness without allowing her siblings the opportunity to find out and take the same method to preserve themselves and continue to oppose her purpose is an interesting one. I am reminded of Voldemort’s horcruxes, and think it plausible that if she does get a sufficient head-start in plotting, she might be able to create a backup of herself somehow while keeping it secret from the humans and her other siblings at least until they began to suspect her plotting against them.

    The silent observer and overseer will likely also play a role once developments reach that point, and I suspect that it is a safeguard of some kind against going rogue, and may help Face to overpower all her other siblings if she was able to convince it that this was necessary for humanity’s sake. However, the other siblings may be able to outsmart it and prevent its power being used to subdue them, since it is described as stupid.

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