(CS 13) Production Notes

Man it’s been a while since I posted one of these.

When I first read Crystal Society, the previous episode (ep 12) was the first time I experienced dislike for Face, or any of the society. Up until that point, I had been anthropomorphizing them heavily. Plus I love everything about Face. But then the whole lot of them decide to simply screw over the people that built the tools they need to escape! Not just big corps, but individuals. Without the slightest bit of remorse or regret, and actually with joy that they’ll be able to keep screwing people over, again and again, to not have to pay their bills. It instantly made me reconsider everything I felt about the Society. I couldn’t stomach this much lack of integrity.

I *finally* started to understand that this was the whole point. These are not humans. They do not have human values. Each of them only values one thing, and would gladly murder the whole world to get more of that thing. I was fooled for a long time, and I can understand how everyone who interacts with Socrates and doesn’t have access to his internal thoughts would be as well. This story is a warning, after all. Point taken.

Also of note – the last episode mentioned The Worst Argument In The World, so here is the link to it. :)

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