Not Everything Is A Clue – Ch 1-2

Chapters 1 – 2: Quest Accepted

Steven mentioned this video

Apparently the Captain Nintendo Princess was a brunette! All this time she’s been a redhead in Eneasz’s memory.

Worth the Candle can be read at AO3 or RoyalRoad.

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  1. What’s the intro song and where did you get it?

    Also, will you at all comment on the fact that Worth the Candle was apparently written by a “cthulhujerpsen”?

    • I got it from Steven. :) He says he got it from the Kick Ass soundtrack, it’s apparently a remix of the famous “Adagio In D Minor” from Sunshine. It was such a drastic remix that I didn’t recognize it at first at all.

  2. Excuse me, “it’s not clear where Morrowind starts?”

    “They have taken you from the Imperial City’s prison – first by carriage, now by boat – to the east; to Morrowind. Fear not, for I am watchful.” There’s a prophecy and everything. :)

  3. Mighty con “cowardice” is yes he was being a coward but that is one of the many situations were being a coward is the correct course of action

    but I have been reading a lot of a song of ice fire lately so that might be swaying my thoughts on the matter

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