Not Everything Is A Clue – Ch 6-8

Chapters 6-8: A Hell of a Revelation

For next week — Chapters 9-12.

Lindsey Ellis’s video about Megan Fox’s Transformers character as written vs as filmed

The Peasant-Powered Railgun

Steven’s Predictions – Everything is a Clue

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  1. It’s important to keep in mind that the data on plants vs meat is true of calories, but not necessarily “food.” The point of hunting or raising animals for meat is that they eat things that humans can’t.

  2. My favorite tabletop roleplaying campaign was one where I actually managed to be a complete and fitting part of the world through pure improvisation.

    The game was Apocalypse World and the setting based on the Stand Still Stay Silent webcomic. I played an old village witch using the Brainer class and reflavoring it as “witchcraft”.

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