Not Everything Is A Clue – Ch 9-12

Chapters 9-12: Apprehended by These Fuckbags

For next week — Chapters 13-15

Steven’s Predictions – Everything is a Clue

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  1. Debriefing someone also refers to the process of getting someone to tell you all the relevant information after a mission or whatever. Dropboxing a note wouldn’t let them learn whatever they want to learn from her.

    So in theory, if Amarillys was legally sentenced to being dropped by plane in zombieland and then after that some important people noticed that “Oh shit, our minister for existential threats left incomplete notes regarding problem XYZ” then it could make sense to send a raiding party to debrief her.

    As for being so armed, they are barely armed enough to beat all the zombie threats and they definitely aren’t overequipped to the point of actually having a cakewalk. So if anything, they have too little weaponry for the job, even if it was just a debriefing mission.

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