Not Everything Is A Clue – Ch 30-33

Chapters 30-33: Cranking the Meta Up a Level

Mentioned on show: The essay about reading – “Learn to Read, Kid, But Don’t Fall In Love

For next week — Chapters 34-36

34. Weik Handum
35. Friendship is Magic
36. In Which Juniper Stares At His Character Sheet

Cakoluchiam’s stellar Character Sheet

Steven’s Predictions – Everything is a Clue

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  1. Fyi, magic item creation is often name/pun based. Case in point, there is an actual type of axe known as a “bearded axe” (the blade tapers down to a point)
    Hence the hair creating magic axe

  2. Re morally gray guards, guards are significantly more likely to be aware that there is a young woman being held against her will on the other side of the door

    If you are creating a game world it cannot be made fair because fair isn’t interesting

  3. I got the vibe I’m not sure where from that plant names are a pretty common theme for Penndraigs (amaryllis particularly being a type of flower)

  4. 1:14:00 I think Fenn was worried about losing the gold specifically, not just the money in general. Using gold as bait doesn’t make sense if there’s a lot of gold around, so Aumann probably has most or all of the gold in the city, and people won’t be bringing in new gold if they think it’ll get them harassed by the famous gold mage. So what Fenn meant was that if they lose the gold, they lose the bait, and getting new bait wouldn’t be simple or easy.

    2:47:00 Eneasz’s explanation for how the revision mage died was unnecessarily convoluted, when a much simpler explanation exists: revision magic can’t reverse magical effects, so when Amaryllis uses the flicker blade against him, revision magic can’t get back the portion of his brain that was gone, because it was removed by magic. It’s even implied that she uses the magical effect of the blade instead of stabbing him because the text describes her as running down the stairs with just the hilt.

    3:02:00 Another commenter partially mentioned this already, but after Fenn mentions family resemblance, the paragraph immediately afterwards says that the Penndraigs are often named after flowers.

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