Not Everything Is A Clue – Ch 72-76

Chapters 72-76: Pitch Meeting References Are Tight!

Zombie Movies that can’t say Zombie

Utopia, LOL? by Jamie Wahls

For next week — 77-79

77. Lies and Damned Lies
78. The Sacrifice
79. Rule Zero

Cakoluchiam’s stellar Character Sheet

Steven’s Predictions – Everything is a Clue

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  1. Fallathr soul-****ed one of his followers into being a copy of amaryllis. It wasn’t an imperfect act, it was an imperfect copy.

  2. I had the impression that the veto was just what they were calling Juniper’s ability to break ties, not that they gave him the ability to overturn any vote whenever he wanted.

    • Sure, but if he decides to ignore the will of the majority and just to pursue the quest he wants to pursue… would they still come along anyway? I think Amaryllis, Fenn, and Valencia probably would. He wouldn’t be “vetoing” in the traditional sense, just chucking out the whole voting thing altogether.

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