Not Everything Is A Clue – Ch 101-104

Chapters 101-104: The Men in Black take an interest in our murderhobos, and Ninjas take over the podcast

For next week — Our First Retrospective! With Griffin and Coy/Gorky from the Discord & Shaping Exercises 101

Cakoluchiam’s stellar Character Sheet

Steven’s Predictions – Everything is a Clue

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  1. Something that Steve seems to be missing, but that should be obvious by now is that The Empire is not some all powerful world government. It’s more like something between the EU and the UN. Or at least it is supposed to be, with nations like Anglecynn still having their own sovereign and relatively powerful separate governments.

    To make it more clear, it was some faction in Anglecynn’s government that banished Amaryllis to zombieland and it was Anglecynn’s government within which Larkspur was a big honcho with access to elf bones. The Empire has probably only been looking for Amaryllis in the way interpol would look for someone that England claims to be a criminal. If even that, given what we learned about Uniquities in the chapters covered in this episode.

  2. Dr Akula is unphased by wierd shit? Well, duh. He’s a Doctor in a hospital next to the Athenaeum of Bone and Flesh.

  3. I’d like us all to think about what the “loyalty score” actually means. I mean sure, at the start it just makes people less likely to betray the PC or to leave his party over a disagreement or otherwise abandon him due to personal goals or previous loyalties. But at one point one asks oneself what the difference between, say 15 and 23 loyalty is. Or what it means to be close to 30 loyalty when having both fallen in love with the PC and staked one’s future on his success is already true at 18-20.

    To get back to the stuff actually discussed during this episode, what if Fenn would be ready to share Joon even though she hates it and/or offers to become the mother of his child against her best judgement because that’s how a lover’s loyalty score in the high 20s expresses itself.

    By the way, I also think that the fact that Amaryllis’s loyalty score didn’t drop at all when she masturbated her mind should be a good indicator that she did not in fact just dial down the “Joon” value and even that dialing down her “want to romance/sex Joon” score didn’t affect how much she is still loyal to him as a person.

  4. The fact that Joon pulled off that scene against Figaro Finch so well without ever putting (many) points into it proves that soc is a dump stat.
    Finch… Huh, isn’t that name familiar?

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