Not Everything Is A Clue – Ch 121-124

Chapters 121-124: Who Wore It Best, Nihilism Edition — Fight Club Guy, Joon, or Lebowski Nihilists?

Esther Povitsky on how 18-Year-Old Girls Are Disgusting

Link to Roots of Progress episode

Don’t watch the Buffy Remastered Edition, here’s why

For next week — 125-128

125. The Remnants of the Past
126. Ever Onward
127. Full House
128. An Open Book

Cakoluchiam’s stellar Character Sheet

Steven’s Predictions – Everything is a Clue

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  1. I have complicated feelings about Joon being a scumbag, and honestly I don’t think I’m up for completely unpacking them, so I’ll just gesticulate wildly: “So people can’t consent to sex until they’re 30 and have had multiple successful sexual relationships?” Yes!! Exactly! This is why we have the 18 thing, it really sounds like you’re applying a huge double standard where Maddie can’t be accountable for her actions but the under-18 depressive suicide risk somehow can, and I really feel what’s happening is there’s a huge element of unquestioned chauvinism at play where a girl running home crying after sex is a thing that’s so bad it’s not allowed to happen, so you have to attach the blame to Joon, who somehow ends up holding the blame ball despite being eminently not in his right mind, and I just wanna throw up my hands and yell “Yes! Preventing this is the whole point of teens not being considered able to consent! That was the point of the fence you threw out!” Bleh.

    I’ll just go listen to the next episode.

    • I could maybe be convinced that people in seriously damaged mental or emotional states shouldn’t be allowed to have sex, or at the very least shouldn’t be allowed to have sex with others who are also in damaged states. Is that what you’re aruging? Cuz honestly, I know people well into their thirties that are fucking up their lives in exactly this way, and maybe making it illegal for them to have sex would be an improvement?

      But if that’s the case, I don’t understand why you’d choose something that’s completely unrelated as your fence. You’d be harming a lot of people who are perfectly able to consent to sex, and benefit from it, if your fence is a certain age (be it 18 or 38), which simultanious allowing damaging sex to happen between a lot of people who would be hurt by it (be they 19 or 39).

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