Not Everything Is A Clue – Ch 188-191 decrackled

This is a decrackled version of the previous episode. Content is identical, but the audio has been filtered to remove the crackle. It still isn’t easy to listen to, and we apologize for that. When time permits, a fully remastered version will be released.

Thanks to David Gruwier for providing this!

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  1. FeepingCreature

    Not everything is a hint. Some things are clues!

    I think the A-side is where you put your quality songs for public consumption.
    The B-side is generally where you put stuff that’s more niche or that you’re not sure will have broad appeal, like remixes.
    So Bmaryllis is having a B-side interaction with Joon. Hm, it’s a bit of a stretch though.

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