Not Everything Is A Clue – Ch 213-216

Chapters 213-216 – The Good Kind of Cult

500 Million, But Not a Single One More

For next week — 217-220

217. A Dragon’s Roost
218. A Grueling Calm
219. Homecoming, Part I
220. Doecent

Worth the Candle on Amazon (ebook and audio!)

Cakoluchiam’s stellar Character Sheet

Steven’s Predictions – Everything is a Clue

Worth the Candle can be read at AO3 or RoyalRoad.

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  1. FeepingCreature

    If you like Permutation City (great book!), you may also enjoy Eliezer’s short Permutation City fanfic, The Finale of the Ultimate Meta Mega Crossover, which crosses over Permutation City with everything, and in the course of doing so fixes some physical weirdnesses in Permutation City and also gives a convincing, if somewhat trivial, theory of everything.

    Greg Egan cheats a bit in Permutation City. You can’t really simulate second five before second three, because if you remember second three then it needs to have been computed in some sense. Causality cannot be reordered, practically by definition.

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