Not Everything Is A Clue – Ch 246-247 part 2

Chapters 246-247 – Consenting To Utopia

TBC Jugaad Ethics episode

For next week — 248-251

248. Princess!
249. There’s No Knowing Where We’re Going
250. The Ongoing Adventures of Valencia the Red
251. It All Depends On What You Mean By Home

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  1. > “Yes?” she asked when she opened the door. Standing there was a short human woman in a nicely-fitted suit, a bright and smiling woman who immediately made Sutsu feel bad for being annoyed.

    > “It’s the Singularity, er, Ascension!” said the woman.

    I sometimes dream of this day.

    I’d probably go for a middle-high heaven. Free choice of body, meaningful but legible progression, moderate to heavy augmentation, backups, forks and restores. Find a nice community of people building Factorio-style progression games.

  2. Hey, unrelatedly, I don’t really wanna sign up for Patreon for several reasons. Can I just paypal you twenty bucks or sth? If so, where and how?

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