IMSIYUDT 04 – “if you go looking for enough tiny signs like that, you will eventually find some”

It Makes Sense If You Understand Decision Theory – a podcast literary analysis of Planecrash/Project Lawful

Episode 4 – Return to the Ladder of Paranoia

For Next Week, reading goes to: “he needs to not talk about that during lunch, and would like something like ten minutes to himself before he talks about anything at all”

The Sword of Good
2 Rash 2 Unadvised podcast read-through of Terra Ignota series
Blog post referenced by Steven re immigrants and cultural expectations

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  1. Thanks for reading my earlier comment “on-air.” In that vein, some more things to point out explicitly as being Golarion canon, rather than original material by Kelsey:

    Dou-Bral –> Zon-Kuthon, though his deal is described merely as “Dou-Bral…abandoned Golarion for the dark places between and beyond the planes, and there was tormented and possessed by an alien being. Upon returning to our reality, Dou-Bral as he had been known was gone, replaced with the twisted, malevolent soul known as Zon-Kuthon”; characterizing this as “flipped his utility function” is original to this story.

    Otolmens; I had initially guessed that, being the most Eliezer character ever, this one would be an OC, but in fact it’s right there in the source material: “Otolmens…watches over the Material Plane for supernatural anomalies that threaten physics and mathematics…Otolmens regularly reports her findings, and her plans to correct any errors found, to a group of deities who have largely grown inured to her reports…her actions ultimately help maintain the universe.” (PS pronunciation note: you two are adding an extra syllable; note the lack of a vowel between the ‘l’ and the ‘m’).

    Abrogail Thrune, queen of Cheliax

    Contessa Lrilatha

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