55 – The Stanford Prison Experiment, Part 5

The unforgiven


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  1. I still have a difficulty listening to this episode. And Female Prisoner is played Hannah Abbott.

  2. ↑ Yeah, the Azkhaban arc made me literally cry several times.

    [ slight SPOILER WARNING ]

    > “DON’T GO!” The voice came in a scream from behind the metal door. “No, no, no, don’t go, don’t take it away, don’t don’t don’t -”

    Jesus fuck!°

    [spoiler evaded]

    Ugh, I’m disgusted by the sleazy “dear Bella”, which I suppose is a compliment for a dramatic rendition of a rendition of The One Who Must Not Be Named. :D

    ° Credit for this splendidly blasphemous expletive belongs to Silicon Valley (s03e04 10m04s)

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