58 – The Stanford Prison Experiment, Part 8, Constrained Cognition

The Escape


If you haven’t seen Army of Darkness yet, you now have weekend plans. It’s great fun, and runs at just an hour and 15 minutes. Here’s a clip of the scene containing the quoted line.


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  1. Something is wrong with the “next” link here.

    • Ah! This was when the podcast moved from LibSyn to its new dedicated home. Looks like I hadn’t back-dated my welcome post to pre-Chapter 1. Fixed now, thanks!

  2. Damn! I should have guessed what the muggle device was. I thought it’d be a liquid fuel engine. How stupid of me. If it was an LF engine, it wouldn’t be controlled by a *switch*!

    But on the other, why didn’t he use it? I’m pretty sure he wasn’t concerned about spending money on fuel, or something like that. On the other hand, more control and better specific impulse would be quite useful.

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