1 – A Day of Very Low Probabilty

Harry receives a letter from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and sends a reply.


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  1. {comes here from Spacetrawler}

    {clicks Play}

    {first thing he hears is Catch That Goblin}

    Welp. That’s a sign. No idea what kind of sign, but definitely signish.

  2. OMG This is Great!
    I love that fanfic, and your way of reading is really beautiful.

  3. Such high quality reading! I’m pleasantly surprised.

  4. Hi.
    First of all. I love your podcast. I’m listening to it for the third time and, of course, I’m starting to detect some details I didn’t before:
    When first chapter ends, the credit for the Petunia’s voice says “Petunia Dursley” and should say “Petunia Evans-Verres” instead.

    • Hi there! I’m glad you enjoy it. :) And thank you for the note. You’re right, of course. But to be honest, changing it at this point is difficult, and it’s not serious enough that I want to go through all the trouble. But that’s a very good catch, I don’t think anyone else has found it before!

  5. “I’m not a voice actor” – understatement of the decade. You’re really, really good, you know that? :D

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