(65) Production Notes

The podcast is approaching a year and a half in age, and one of the problems with long-term projects involving other people is that life is uncertain. This was why I originally refused offers from people to do voices, I didn’t want to rely on someone else to provide lines for months upon months.

I did eventually accept some help from close friends (as first mentioned here), and Hermione is one of those friends. I figured I could always show up at their doorstep with a computer and microphone and refuse to leave until I got the next chapter’s lines. :) I also trust my friends a lot more than strangers, and they knowingly committed to a project they knew would last quite a while.

It seems my strategy had a flaw in it – friends can move away, as Hermione has done. But my mistrust was foolishly misplaced – she has continued to faithfully record upcoming lines and send them to me in plenty of time. I am grateful to her. :) Her setup isn’t quite as fancy, so if you notice a decrease in the quality of Hermione’s audio, that is why. It is a small price to pay to have friends you can trust.

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