(76) Production Notes

One might wonder why I take off for the holidays. Since I work a standard office job, the holidays should mean extra time for podcasting, not less. And indeed, I had originally intended to run 52 episodes a year. I don’t have any family that celebrates holidays in state (raised Jehovah’s Witness), and I was happily single. My first holiday non-episode was forced on me by a new relationship that exploded into my life back in Summer of 2011 (damn, has it really been that long?).

Now I’ve got a much larger social circle and all sorts of social obligations around the holidays that take up the extra time I gained from having work off, and then some. Not that I’m complaining, life is great. I try to always keep a one-episode buffer in case of emergencies. I’ve had to dig into it once this year due to sickness, and it’s a bit stressful running for several weeks afterwards with no margin for error while I build up another episode buffer. But it did allow me to continue putting out episodes without any unscheduled interruption. :)

So Happy Holidays everyone! There’s a brief Omake next week, and we’ll be back to regular episodes in the new year!

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  1. It’s “blurted”, not “blustered”.

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