(7b) Production Notes

SPOILER NOTE! This production note contains spoilers for Chapter 7. Do not read it if you haven’t read or listened to Chapter 7 in it’s entirety yet, and you care about that sort of thing.




Seriously, big spoiler.




Before we get to what everyone’s waiting for, I just wanted to say how much I love Harry’s “This Is Why Science Is Awesome” speech. It’s damned inspirational, one of the great pieces of pro-science propaganda. There’s even a short video of it. This is what makes humanity great.

And in stark contrast to that – the rape-threat scene. Obviously this story was never intended for young audiences, but this cemented that into place. It was during this chapter that I decided I had to follow this series to its end. Half of it was Harry’s incredible speech, and half of it is the pure emotional shock of hearing an 11-year-old boy casually say he plans to rape a 10-year-old girl. It had an immediate physical effect on me, and the after-effects lingered for the rest of the day. The fact that it came so out of the blue in such an unexpected setting… it was damned effective.

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  1. I wonder why comments are closed in the next post?

    • It’s been a while, but IIRC I believe that one was targeted by a lot of spambots for some reason. There was a chapter in the mid-50s that had the same problem, and I shut it down as well. It was annoying to have to delete a dozen spam comments every week on just one post.

  2. Spoiler! >:-< Not cool, man.
    I also felt physically shocked by your revelation here of the rape plan. But I think the surprise experience would have been more effective in the context of the story.

    From now on, I will pay attention not to read the Production Notes (before listening to the respective episode). That would be easier if the Notes would not come before their episode.


    Thank you so much for this podcast, Eneasz – it's marvelous work! :)

    • Oh man, I’m sorry! I forget that sometimes people read the notes before they hear the episodes. I’ll edit this to make the spoiler-ish nature of the post very apparent.

      • ! SPOILER ALERT (kind of) (for chapter 10) !

        No problem man, it’s cool. :) I’m sure the remaining 100+ chapters will have more wowing material for me to undergo… In fact, I know it: When the sorting hat assigned Harry, I was like WOOOTT?!?! :D :D


        Besides, if it weren’t for you(r efforts), I might well not have come to enjoy any of this MoR goodness anyway. :) (Not much of a reader these days.)

        Hahaha, I see you took my feedback remarkably seriously. xD Good job – looks foolproof! :D (I feel so validated… ^.^ Thank you Eneasz!)

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