7a – Reciprocation, part 1

Harry meets Ron, and discovers Lucius Malfoy’s one weakness.


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  1. I’m pretty sure the the “k” in “knut” is silent although I understand that it would be a mammoth task to go though and replace every instance of “knut” with a different pronunciation. As someone who likes to read alongside audio books you provide a valuable service which I am grateful for. Cheers.

    • I always thought it was “nut” as well, that’s how it sounded in my head when I read it. When I first recorded it I wanted to make sure I was saying it right, and it shouldn’t be like “newt” instead. I was rather surprised to find out that Rowling verify that the ‘k’ should be pronounced, and that in the British version of the canon audio books, Stephen Fry pronounces it “k’nut”. I figured I couldn’t do much better than Stephen Fry, so I went with that as well. :)

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