99 & 100a – Roles, Aftermath & Precautionary Measures, Pt 1

The Forbidden Forest is forbidden for a reason

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  1. I liked Ch. 99 in the text, and I think it’s even funnier when you’re reading it aloud like this. It’s needed right after the rest previous arc.

    Also, I realized when I saw your note that I never sent you the brief recording I made for Junior Auror Arjun Altunay. I’ll email those within a few hours.

  2. After listening to how you read the end of that, which was excellent, I have to wonder: do you listen to Welcome to Nightvale? The way you spoke, and the sound effects you added, strongly reminded me of something they’d do there.

  3. Hey, thanks for writing! :) I do listen to Nightvale. I’ve used sound effects since the first episode, long before I knew of Welcome to Nightvale, and I’ve used music here and there since the beginning. It is a great show though! I made much greater use of background music in Three Worlds Collide due to WTNV influence – I didn’t realize just how much it added before I heard it in another podcast. Unfortunately it took a lot of extra time, so I’m going to be scaling it back now that we’re returning to HPMoR. Still, I do plan to use more music than I had before. It’s nice to have discovered the freestockmusic.com resource.

  4. I must say, this episode really messed up my system of dividing episodes into folders according to their tens digit.

  5. Oh wow. Dan Carlin voiced Eneasz Brodsky the Auror, who is written into the story by Eliezer, in the podcast made by Eneasz. Three of my favorite people are connected in a few short seconds. It is a small world.

  6. Ambivalent Wanderer

    The new Yuri Yuliy voiceover is missing the line “Hogwarts was soft even in the old days.”

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