Voice Actors Panel

Recording of the Voice Actors Panel from MALcon 2014, with the voices of Hermione Granger, Severus Snape, and myself.

Still no production notes this week. I finally got moved into the new house. Half the work is complete…

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  1. Are we really supposed to come back next week? It is usually two weeks.

  2. Regarding German fans, AFAIK German is simply the second largest language on the internet. The “.de” domain (for Germany) is the largest country TLD.

    • Ah, that makes quite a bit of sense!

      • English is also quite popular in Germany.* It’s featured extensively in school and usually allows kids to pick up the rest on their own through music or subtitled TV. Back when forums were a thing, there was a bit of a hipster scene looking down on dubbed shows/movies and praising the (in most cases admittedly better) original audio.

        *There’s an inside joke in the language learning community about how frustrating coming to Germany to practice can be, since many people you meet will be psyched to finally be able to show off their English skills.

  3. I like your work and I thank Thank you! for it.

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