111a – Failure, Pt1

The Dark Lord reborn

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  1. Gosh he is so Wacky… insanely childish to be congratulating himself over Dumbledore… obviously living longer does not make some wiser and more focus on living an emotionally healthy lifestyle…… (sigh) ~`

    There is a saying ‘Hurt People Hurt Other People’.. until they heal oneself from childhood issues.. and stop repeating the cycle of abuse… ~` (once you are grown you have to take responsibility for your own action and stop blaming ill-fitted parents. :)

    Great and Convincing Episode- MUCH APPRECIATION~`

  2. I liked how the voice of Gryffindor takes on a little bit of the tone of Dumbledore here, as if Harry has come to understand what a great and courageous individual Dumbledore was and updated his pro typical Gryffindor in that direction. I thought it was a neat way to show his growth as he comes to be a bit less arrogant and to better understand that people like Dumbledore and Moody really are good a their jobs and knew somewhat what they were doing.

  3. It really shows that much work was done over this chapter, however it feels like the story just became boring. The pacing was so mindbogglingly slow that it seemed to come to a dead stop whenever QQ laughed and after that it felt like crawling pace when we heard Harry’s inner debate. When I read the chapter myself I thought that the thoughts in Harry’s mind were racing one after the other and here they are the opposite of that.

    Better luck next time.

    • I will admit, I thought this chapter was slow too, and I was a bit frustrated with it. After so much talking and thinking in 108 I was ready for some action, and 109/110 went by too fast before we hit more internal debating in 111. It didn’t occur to me that my reading was in error. :( I thought maybe I was just being impatient and I should work through it. I’ll start considering significantly different interpretations if that sort of thing happens again.

  4. The mismatch between measured, polite conversation and fast-paced metal music is irritating. Why is there so much background music in this episode *(did I miss a special meaning)? I just want to hear your voice ;-_)

    • Heh, thanks. :) I liked the way the song started, I thought it matched the manic laughter and gloating of Quirrell well, and I liked the way it transitioned to more gentle music as it went on. I was going to cut out a fair bit of the middle, until I noticed something… the TableTop Audio background music is ~10 minutes, and the throat-singing chant was ~7. The song by Gonin-ish is loooooong, and if I were to keep a lot of it, this episode could have background music during 90+% of it. I was tempted to see how that would play out, so I left in the faster metal bits.

      I have a weakness for fast metal, as well as some prog rock, and so I already liked the music for it’s own sake. I was much quicker to overlook the occasional mismatch between the music and the narrative, which in retrospect was a bad idea. A different commenter pointed out that he thought the narrative should have been faster and more frentic… maybe that would have helped to sync the two moods. In either case, I think I was focusing too much on the extras in this episode, and lost sight of the core of the podcast – the fiction itself. While I still plan to use background music going forward, I am going to be keeping it in the background more strictly. Always learning!

  5. Interpretations vary, and complaints are more likely to be voiced than compliments. Tally me as one who enjoyed the composition and reading here. I imagined Harry’s mind as tired and broken down in this chapter. He was struggling not to succumb to shock. The background music carried the mood of just how messed up everything turned out to be.

  6. Now I have listened through all the episodes for the 4th time and the podcast is as good as ever and also I liked the music in this episode.
    Thanks for bringing my favorite story into audio format!

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