(MM1) Production Notes

And we’re back! It’s been weird getting back in gear… with such a long hiatus I’ve very slowly accumulated most of the voice work I need, and gathered a lot of the background SFX and some of the music. This first episode coalesced over two months. Going back to putting one out every two weeks will be interesting.

As you can see there are some major changes to the website. I hope they are for the better. I’ve moved the SFX and Music credits to these Production Notes posts, and will be moving all the SFX to a running list on a single page over time. This is mainly so I don’t have to keep digging up old links for SFX I reuse a lot. :)

Those of you into audio fiction may recognize the voice of Mercy Graves, who is played by Kate Baker of the Clarkesworld podcast. I met her at WorldCon and she kindly agreed to lend me her voice, for which I’m crazy grateful! Clarkesworld puts out some amazing SF, if you need more audio fiction in your life, it’s a good place to go. There’ll be another SF podcast celebrity in the podcast later on, and of course Anaea Lay of Strange Horizons helped out back in the HPMoR days.

SFX: Cocktail Chatter, Street Ambiance, Door Open/Close, 1920s Speakeasy

Intro/Outro – Handlebars, by Flobots
Skylight Club 1 – Dapperblook, by Insane In The Rain Music
Skylight Club 2 – Ice to Meet You, by Insane In The Rain Music
Luthor Manor – Boccherini’s Minuetto

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