MM 1 – The Metropolitan Man, Chapter 1

Literally Incredible

Original Text

SFX and Music credits will be in Production Notes from now on.

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  1. Love that you used Quirrells voice for Lex, makes him sound incredibly cool and intelligent. Can’t wait to hear Superman!

  2. Amazing. Glad to have new episodes of your podcasts! And I like Alexander’s work too!
    Comment: In this post title (chapter 1) says “A Day of very low probability”. It was actually cute and you should may be let it that way.

    • That is pretty cute! However… I’m worried, because I don’t see that anywhere, and I don’t want this to be a recurring thing. Where do you see it saying that? The post title looks like “MM 1 – The Metropolitan Man, Chapter 1” to me

      • I Just checked and it is fixed now. I think you must updated the page and it was solved. It was in the index page, on the link to this chapter post, in the html title attribute of the a tag.

  3. This podcast is so good! I keep recommending it. I’m glad you started to podcast a new rational fic. Thanks! :)

  4. I’m excited to see you are still recording things. I hadn’t been to this website for ages because I had figured that HPMOR was done and EY hadn’t written that many short stories.

    Thanks again for all the great work :)

  5. Hi! The podcast is awesome, and everyone who tried it knows this.
    I kind of like the atmosphere when Lex talks, because of the classic song in the background.
    And I can’t find the title of that song! Can anyone help me please? (thought it’s Bach, but couldn’t find)
    Will be VERY appreciated!

  6. Boy, is it good to hear your voice again! Thanks for this great work!

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