(MM7) Production Notes

One of my favorite aspects of Rational FanFiction is that it often takes the original universe and tries to make it makes sense without altering it much. To not just point out how weird it is that Superman has a day job, but to explore what would have to be true about the alien’s psychology. And giving a decent hand-waving of the Clark Kent Effect as well!

I’m also a huge fan of dramatic irony, so Lois’s shrugging about hurting Clark’s feelings was so delicious.

Finally, some of you may recognize the voice of Rein, fearless leader of the Worm Audiobook, as the Mayor. :)


SFX: 1940’s OfficeForest: Night, children playing

Intro/Outro – Handlebars, by Flobots
Luthor Manor – Boccherini’s Minuetto, Wagner’s Rienzi Overture

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  1. I didn’t know there was an audiobook for Worm. It has been ages since I read it, thanks for the heads up.

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