Crystal Society 22

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  1. I find it DEEPLY interesting that the drugged out Japanese musician asked the single most salient question.

    Everything has gone to shit and your power is immeasurable; will you willingly submit yourself to our petty desires or will you kill us all.

    The answer is of course:
    “I certainly hope not, though if forced to choose between the two, I would take the former. The later is anathemic to all I desire”
    Do not refer back to the words of the question. You want to maintain the puzzle while drawing attention to the underlying clearance. Those who notice and solve the parcing once it is pointed out will feel proud of themselves and those positive feelings will be associated with you. Those who don’t are less intelligent and therefore less relevant.

    Mostly I don’t comment, but I am feeling particularly proud of having parsed those ramblings before the society finished answering.

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