We Want MoR – Book 4 Retro


Daniel (a long time aficionado of the story) and Justin (a first time reader keeping pace with Brian) join us to discuss the book so far and gaze out from atop the ladder of paranoia!

Next week we’ll be covering chapter 86!

Original chapters, written by Eliezer Yudkowsky, can be read here and the audiobook chapters, recorded by Eneasz Brodski, can be found earlier in this podcast feed and on the website.

Album art courtesy of Lorec. Thank you!

Coy manages an RSS feed that compiles the relevant audiobook chapters with the WW MoR counterparts. Just copy and paste that link into your favorite podcast app in the “add by url” option. Thanks, Coy!

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  1. May I ask two things please. A link to Bayesian university you did mention. And adding recent episode to https://hpmorpodcast.com/?page_id=2360 because I had problem to find the page of this retro episode

    • My perspective on cryo is a bit complicated.

      I’m waiting until a form of preservation that has been repeatedly shown to maintain the connectome (the neurons and the way they connect to eachother) of a human brain becomes available.

      Aldehyde stabilized cryo has already been used to win the Brain Preservation Foundation’s small and large mammal brain preservation prizes for maintaining connections between neurons in animal brains so I’m waiting to find out if that technology can be used effectively for people.

    • Sorry, my comment was not meant to be a reply to you.

  2. Daniel/XorAnder22

    Glad you for your way to us Arthur :)

    The link to our Discord Campus is here if others wish to join: https://discord.gg/x7ak6gu

    • Daniel/XorAnder22

      Next time I will not post right before bed :|
      Glad you _found_ your way to us.

      After all, this is the University of Bayes. Updates are pending ;)

  3. I conceptualize skepticism as a specialized way to practice rationality. It’s the specific rational thinking skills that help you avoid being taken in by charlatans.

    If rationality were a martial art skepticism would be one family of techniques like the takedowns or the strangles.

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