We Want MoR – One MoR Meta Than You

For our Retro episode, we go one meta higher and are joined by the hosts of Meta MoR: April and Eneasz!

Next episode we’ll be covering chapters 103 and 104!

Original chapters, written by Eliezer Yudkowsky, can be read here and the audiobook chapters, recorded by Eneasz Brodski, can be found earlier in this podcast feed and on the website.

Album art courtesy of Lorec. Thank you!

Coy manages an RSS feed that compiles the relevant audiobook chapters with the WW MoR counterparts. Just copy and paste that link into your favorite podcast app in the “add by url” option. Thanks, Coy!

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  1. Hi all,

    I have problems finding the Meta MoR Podcast. (I have not yet heard the episode). Could you add a link in the comments or add it to shownotes?

  2. Uuuh, the hpmorpodcast website makes the hyperlink itself. How amazing!

  3. I liked this meta cross-over a lot! Like that one time when X-Men made a cameo in a Spider Man cartoon on Fox Kids.

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