We Want MoR Superman – Chapters 3 and 4

Lex escalates his game against Superman.

Next episode we will be covering chapters 5 and 6.

Original chapters, written by Alexander Wales, can be read here or on fanfiction.net and the audiobook chapters, recorded by Eneasz Brodski, can be found earlier in this podcast feed and on the website.

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Thanks Coy!

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  1. I wanted to comment on the conversation about people missing the obvious regarding Voldemort. When Harry first arrives at the door to the mirror Snape casts a number of spells at him.

    ‘”I… I just think you probably shouldn’t call them…”

    ‘In a blur, the Potions Master’s wand was in his hand. “Nullus confundio!” A black jet darted out and hit Harry, striking in the direction Harry had already started to evade. There followed four other spells, containing words like Polyfluis and Metamorphus; and for those Harry politely stood still.’

    Things are more or less a blur from here until after the dust settles and Harry takes a minute to think, at which point he more or less immediately puts together who the Defense Professor really is – the obvious comes crashing down on him in about 5 minutes. I believe that Sprout was previously legilimized to cast a confundus on Harry, and this is why he couldn’t reason this out earlier. And probably be has been under that confundus, narrowly affecting his reasoning about the Defense Professor specifically, for most of the school year. The Defense Professor knows exactly how smart Harry is and knows this is a problem he must address.

    • That’s a really cool reading which I hadn’t thought of at all.

      The only problem is that this comment section is probably supposed to be spoiler-free for Brian.

  2. Superman could be planning six moves ahead really well and know about all of the potential consequences of his actions, but I’m thinking maybe the opposite is true.

    Maybe he’s uncomfortably aware of the fact that he knows jack shit about geopolitics and generally terrified of breaking everything.

    That’s still a kind of “moral laziness” because he could probably learn about at least a few better things to do if he put in the work of researching and talking with knowledgeable people about particular problems, but his failure to do so is very understandable.

    Anyway sometimes (it depends on the writer) cannon Superman has hypnotic powers that prevent anyone from knowing who he is. So Brian could be onto something there.

    This is the only cannon explanation of his disguise that I know of, but there are probably a few others.

    Cannon Superman also arrived as a baby and grows at a normal speed in the vast majority of stories.

  3. Regarding uncertainty: you can have probability distributions about measures, and you can have uncertainty about measurements or perceptions. But: there is, fundamentally, mathematically, *no such thing as an uncertain probability!* You can have an anticipation of 10%, or 20%, but you cannot have an anticipation of 15% +- 5%, because a probability already quantifies your uncertainty completely, and there simply isn’t another dimension there along which it could vary.

    You can have a probability that varies as a function of an input, sure. But there is no benefit that can be gained in tracking the probability of values of an input separately from the probability of the output you’re considering, to say, “well the math says 10%, but the input may be different and then it could be 12%.” There is no meta-probability; the dimension that you’re considering there is just probability again.

  4. Brians dump on the sience and statistics did it for me. You should really learn to humble yourself when talking about topics you have no insights of. The podcast began strong but Brians worldview is so toxic that I cannot stand it anymore.

    All this mansplaining about how he thinks the world is while it’s actually the opposite. And he even gets credit for figuring everything out while Yudkowsky basically said no to every question or statement from Brian.

    I quitted the last We Want MOR episodes because I lost trust in Brian to understand the meaning and he would probably just go the lazy way again not keeping his attention up and getting frustrated about it or misremembering the past… It does not really matter anymore what he does or not. I am know at a point where I just make something up Brian could have said and getting angry about the ignorance I construe on him.

    Thank you Steven for the podcast, it was a blast. Good luck with everything in your future.

    Brian, Bayes’ theorem was well explained in HPMOR. Maybe you should read the book.

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