We Want MoR Superman – Chapters 5 and 6

Superman has a day job.

Next episode we will be covering chapters 7 and 8.

Original chapters, written by Alexander Wales, can be read here or on fanfiction.net and the audiobook chapters, recorded by Eneasz Brodski, can be found earlier in this podcast feed and on the website.

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Thanks Coy!

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  1. Brian, I think you’re maybe under a misapprehension of how “bad facial recognition” works for some people. I feel you are modelling it like we are slow to *learn* faces, like we need twice as much time to commit somebody’s face to memory, but when we do, we can “click” it into recognition as fast as anyone else. From my experience, rather it’s that there’s a ceiling on the quality of facial recall that we can get *at all*, and no matter how long we know them we never approach anything like good accuracy.

    I have coworkers that I’ve looked at approximately every workday for the past three years, and I recognize them just fine … *in a work context.* Outside a work context I’d probably get a general impression, depending of how many identifiable characteristics (clothes?) they share, and might consider talking to them if I’d take the risk.

    But I can’t recall their faces.

    Hell, I can’t recall the faces of my parents. I would probably recognize them, but that’s half because of exposure and half just because I know all their clothes and hairstyles. My mother changes her hairstyle and my brain hiccups for half a day. Ask me to sketch them and I could think for half an hour and get no closer. It’s like the facial recognition hardware in my head simply has a hard limit for feature differentiation, and I make up the rest with cues and context. So learning for longer just gives me a more complete set of cues to work with, not a better facial record.

    I can perfectly recall the face of my long dead grandmother though. Go figure.

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