We Want MoR Superman – Chapters 9 and 10

Uh oh. Someone has gone and killed Martha Kent. I’m sure Superman will take it well.

Next episode we will be covering chapters 11 and 12.

Original chapters, written by Alexander Wales, can be read here or on fanfiction.net and the audiobook chapters, recorded by Eneasz Brodski, can be found earlier in this podcast feed and on the website.

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Thanks Coy!

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  1. I don’t think Lois’s discomfort is really about being seen as Superman’s girlfriend.

    She’s fucking terrified, and that’s an extremely normal way for a woman to feel about getting into a relationship with an extremely powerful man she does not trust.

    It’s like when Superman picked her up the “first” time they met and she was afraid because she was being held by a bulletproof man who didn’t seem to respect her personal space.

    She’s afraid of him just as much as Lex is, but there’s a gendered element to that fear which is hard to explain to anyone who wasn’t raised to be hyper vigilant about male strangers and acquaintances.

    I think her not being adequately grossed out by the idea of tricking Superman also comes from a place of fear. She’s letting her fear override her ability to empathize with him or even see him as a person.

    She spends so much time being creeped out by his obsession with her that she utterly fails to consider the fact that lying to him is creepy as hell. People can be real assholes when they’re afraid of somebody.

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