45 – Humanism, Part 3



This art cannot go unshared (spoiler for this chapter)

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  1. Ambivalent Wanderer

    Another correction (hopefully I’m properly downloading all the updated chapters for real this time! :D), when I put this one into itunes, it comes up as 48 instead of 45.

  2. Some earlier episodes made me laugh or smile but this is the first one that made me tear up and cry. So very beautiful!

  3. It is great! The combination of thought, words, music, your voice. Incredibly powerful stuff, not just as written, but your interpretation as well. You’re very inspiring.
    Let us go into the world and live our dreams…

  4. I cried.

    I come back regularly to listen again.

    Fear us, death. My people are coming for you.

  5. “This art cannot go unshared (spoiler for this chapter)” – could you fix the dead link?

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