Not Everything Is A Clue – Ch 206-208

Chapters 206-208 – Hitting The Slopes


Is That Your True Rejection?

Folding Ideas on Ludonarrative Dissonance

Three Worlds Collide – the story with the Super Happy aliens (also in audio form)

The Bayesian Conspiracy episode on The “Do This” Directives

For next week — 209-212

209. Orison
210. Push and Pull
211. Gilding the Lily
212. Spilled Ink

Worth the Candle on Amazon (ebook and audio!)

Cakoluchiam’s stellar Character Sheet

Steven’s Predictions – Everything is a Clue

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  1. On can we consent to work? Or what’s work VS slavery? I found this to be
    A cool intuition pump:

    And a insight into why it’s important where we draw the lines because some people will cozy right up to those lines in an attempt to do slavery without risking jail.

    It’s about the Australian Federal Police stopping human trafficking.

    But it raises so many questions about where we draw the line. when we see the same or similar coersive tequniques used in industries other than sex work.

    Is it different accepting jobs to pay off college debt than plastic sergery and plane tickets?

    Does it matter if the person you owe money to is your employer, and landlord?

    Does it matter if your picking fruit or selling sex? (they often have the same employer/landlord/visa approval is single person conditions)

    Is it still slavery if you are happy to work in awful conditions because it’s better than where you were in North Korea?

    What are the clear cut rules we can use to stop people exploiting others like this?

    I mean they had to get her on a technicality. The ‘slavery’ style abuse she was doing, toed the lines drawn in the law. So much so that they got her ‘alcapone-style’ for not registering her businesses.

  2. The Blue-in-the-Bottle moral dilemma isn’t (just) about what the limits should be regarding the freedom to consent to stuff. It’s what the limits should be regarding the incentives you’re allowed to give people. Even if suicide should be something that’s allowed, paying people to kill themselves for your profit or entertainment maybe should not be.

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