Everything IS Either Love or Thunder – Thor: Love & Thunder

“It’s done with emotion even though it’s stupid” is kinda Waititi’s whole thing and he does it perfectly. It’s why we love him.

Full Spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder

Pitch Meeting for Thor: Love & Thunder

Pitch Meeting – Avatar retrospective

Guns N Roses – November Rain video

Eneasz’s book – What Lies Dreaming


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  1. Michael Jimenez

    Surprised to hear Steven say can enjoy MCU despite obvious plotholes and continuity issues, but didn’t finish She-Hulk? (How far did you get into the short 9ep mini series?)

    It’s got typical MCU humor, 4th wall breaks like Deadpool, multiple fun cameos, end credit animation scenes change to sometimes add to episode story before live action bonus scenes.

    Being 9eps, I just went logical 3ep splits, but if you make it through to ep4 cameo and aren’t into it, then I guess it isn’t for you.

    The other notable cameo is ep8… then in finale it jumps the shark so hard, they may as well be in space with Thor and GotG, definitely took a moment to roll with it, haha!

    Anyway finally listened to Truman and this L&T discussion, agree on many items, and thanks for pointing out pitch meeting (just binged a bunch for MCU, haha!)

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