Not Everything Is A Christian Allegory – The Truman Show

We can take the old gods and myths and make them ours. We can make them better.

Full spoilers for The Truman Show.

For Next Time – Thor: Love & Thunder

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  1. I think Eve tried to tell Truman about the show, because she thought the whole thing unethical.

    Why do I trust her? She had that badge: “How will it end?” This sounds like a slogan of the people who are against the show.

    I think she planned to sabotage the show a tiny bit if she could, if only by holding that badge into the camera at some point, maybe after establishing herself as Trumans classmate, as a recurring background character. Truman noticing her was a stroke of luck for her.

    Oh my god. You guys… If I was Truman, I would walk RIGHT back into the Garden of Eden and go back to my desk job.
    Him leaving as soon as he found out, braving literally nuclear hell and high water… Made the Truman Show the best Television of all TIME!
    If I was Truman, I would want to DESTROY the show.
    And you can only do that if you make it shit before you cancel it.
    Imagine him going back to his desk job and perfectly playing along.
    Not even overacting, just ignoring the elephant in the room.
    The whole point of the show shattered, it would be garbage and boring, ratings would drop and the show couldn’t sustain it’s gigantic budget.
    Leading to cutbacks, because they don’t need to conceal everything from Truman.

    In fact.

    There were quite a few coincidences piling up to break Truman out of his illusion.
    The light and the Radio, Okay, two things happened randomly in close succession.
    But the bike, flower and dented beetle… after the first loop they should have noticed and diverted them, send someone else.
    They watch Truman 24/7.

    Christ-off knows Truman better than he knows himself.

    At the latest when Truman makes his prediction they could have deviated from the pattern. His wife could have said that he was just imagining things. Gaslight on and steady. When he went to his friend the first time the friend could have said something along the lines of “Yeah, to be honest, that happened to me too. It’s kinda embarrassing, so I told nobody. I guess it might happen to everybody sometimes.

    The rain that followed Truman? How could that have been an accident? They should have noticed immediately and turned it off. Truman might not have noticed that the beach wasn’t wet until they got the rain all the way fixed. After it began to really rain, the shower over Truman was still on, meaning there were twice as many raindrops at Truman’s position. Rain coming and going rapidly? Not THAT wierd.

    And THEN the mysterious director of the Truman show gives his first ever interview. Which begins with someone stating that he values his privacy and takes a call from a Truman objector. And insults the whole world by saying people are afraid and accept what is given to them. And then shows all the bad things he did to lie to Truman, such as Telling him his Dream of being an explorer is stupid and killing his father in front of him.

    Setting himself up as a villain for Truman to defeat.

    Truman whom he knows better than Truman knows himself, who was an explorer at heart, stifled by a world that wants to box him in.

    And then he makes Truman snap.
    And makes Truman’s best friend into a villain by having him deliver that heartbreaking line: “I would have to be in on it too.”
    And then he nails that coffin by bringing the father back… as an actor… with a lazy amnesia plot.
    Taking away the hope that Truman’s father loves him and snuck on the set to tell him the truth.
    And throughout all those years, Truman never “lost” that cardigan or the “How will it end?” Badge.
    Not to forget Christ-off gives more interviews in those last days, lifting some of the mystery, being seen, being the villain. And has a fake Reporter call the lazy amnesia plot “Brilliant!”

    To keep Truman in he should have cast a lookalike to pretend to be the hobo Truman saw, who in fact is not his father, has a name and remembers a whole life and just looks a little like Truman’s father.

    Crist-off manipulated Truman into ending the show with a brilliant finale.

    Rewatch the movie with that in mind.

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