IMSIYUDT 01 – “And she trots off to find the priest.”

It Makes Sense If You Understand Decision Theory – a podcast literary analysis of Planecrash or Project Lawful or Mad Investor Chaos

Episode 1 – A Whole Heckin’ Heap of Exposition

Analysis begins at 0:09:48

TheOneButcher’s take on Christof
Cakoluchiam’s Table of Contents (Fan-made)
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D0TheMath’s Web-app to turn a glowfic into epub
ChatGPT as Morty
The Secretary Problem
I Now Have Additional Questions
We Use Semicolons Everyday
Ferengi Rules of Acquisition
The Turing Test story

Epub versions of Planecrash

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  1. It’s unclear from the episode whether you both recognize that the details of the world of Golarion are fully specified in the Pathfinder literature and not made up by Kelsey. (I say this as someone who did not know this myself for probably 200,000+ words into Planecrash.) Facts like “Rogavug wants to consume creation but all the other gods locked him in exile and Asmodeus holds the key to let him out” are all preexisting facts about the Pathfinder universe that you can read up on at the Pathfinder wiki site if you want. It’s important to recognize how much of the Golarion worldbuilding is preexisting, to appreciate how clever “The gods have to satisfise one another or one of them could release Rogavug” is. Like, as far as I know, that justification is invented by Kelsey, but the underlying facts it’s justifying are all already set in stone. There were a ton of things in the story that I incredulously googled thinking they’d be original to Planecrash only to discover, nope, that’s Pathfinder canon too.

    Also ameliorates some of the complaints about exposition-dumping at the start of the story; this infodump is for the benefit of readers like us who don’t know Pathfinder lore already! I appreciate that the authors did not make “already knows all about Golarion” a prereq for reading their story, even if that does necessitate a crash-course at the start.

  2. Smurfskin could be processed into the cure for aging. Gargamel was a genius Scientist who should have removed tiny portions of their skin under anesthesia, made them into a renewable source of immortality serum. Rationalist Smurfs when?

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