IMSIYUDT 02 – “There’s plumbing!” he adds proudly, and demonstrates a sink.

It Makes Sense If You Understand Decision Theory – a podcast literary analysis of Planecrash/Project Lawful

Episode 2 – Sufficiently Advanced Intelligence is Indistinguishable From Being An Alien

For Next Week, reading goes to: “her door is ajar and she’s dressed, bathed, is reading a book.”

The Whispering Earring of Til Iosophrang
Isekai Anime Survival Guide

Cakoluchiam’s Weekly Reading HTML Files!

Cakoluchiam’s Table of Contents (Fan-made)
Epub versions of Planecrash

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  1. “Is there ever any reason not to flirt?” is a very strange question. It sounds like you conceptualize flirting only as a fun recreational activity and not at all as a form of communication to the other person? It seems like a form of poisoning the commons to go about wantonly flirting with people you’re not into.

    Unrelated: you said you would put the Isekai Survival Guide link in the show notes but I don’t see it here.

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