IMSIYUDT 09 – “then leaves the library to check on his other person of interest”

It Makes Sense If You Understand Decision Theory – a podcast literary analysis of Planecrash/Project Lawful

Episode 9 – This Hell place keeps sounding worse

Worth The Candle
the Worth The Candle analysis podcast (by Steven and Eneasz) – Not Everything Is A Clue
Analysiscast of The Truman Show

For Next Week, reading goes to: “He doesn’t look it, but he also seems very very very alien and very hard to understand, and might do unexpected things because of that.”

The Official IMSIYUDT Weekly Reading Table of Contents, created and maintained by Cakoluchiam
To help fund the AI generated reading of Project Lawful–
Epub versions of Planecrash

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  1. Hi, here is an explanation of the blue and orange code, mentioned today on IMSIYUDT 09 – “then leaves the library to check on his other person of interest:

    why blue and orange in particular, and not, for example green and yellow?

    because they are opposite colors just like black and white (as in black and white morality),
    in fact they are one of the three basic complementary colors we learn about in elementary school art class
    ( red and green; yellow and purple, blue and orange)


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