IMSIYUDT 10 – “he also seems very very very alien and very hard to understand, and might do unexpected things because of that”

It Makes Sense If You Understand Decision Theory – a podcast literary analysis of Planecrash/Project Lawful

Episode 10 – Hermione Raised By Voldemort vs The Lizard Keepers

The Mind Killer special episode at/about VibeCamp
Eneasz’s Blog Post About Finding His Vibe at VibeCamp
Worth The Candle

For Next Week, reading goes to: “she doesn’t want to give him time to dwell on it, so she kisses him.”

The Official IMSIYUDT Weekly Reading Table of Contents, created and maintained by Cakoluchiam
The Project Lawful audiobook (help fund it here)
Epub versions of Planecrash

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