122a – Something to Protect: Hermione Granger

Threading the needle’s eye of Destiny

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  1. Can’t believe we’re almost done. Thanks Mr. Brodski for the countless hours of hard work that has gone into this.

  2. Thank you.. ~`.. simple words yet said with the most profound sense of gratitude.

    emma (nyc)

  3. I must also express my gratitude for the audio format. Without it I wold not have found the time to read the original, as I am on my penultimate semester of dental school. This way the awesomeness of this story has been available to sooth me inbetween exams.

    Heartfelt thanks from Stockholm Sweden!

  4. Will you continue after you are done with HPMOR? I mean I totally get if you want to take a break then but maybe not forever? ;-)

    Because your audiobook productions are of amazing quality, compared to similar projects. You’re doing really really well when it comes to transporting the mood (for example by good choice of background music, the FMA Brothers theme comes to mind, and also because you and the volunteers did a very good job on transporting the emotions.. “Well what happens if it gets COMPLETED?” by Hermione is an example for that), the audio quality is really good and you also didn’t miss a single upload, you always delievered on time (I think), which is quite a feat for that many episodes.

    Thanks to you and your volunteers for making that, providing me (and others ^^) with countless hours of fun!

    • Oh and I totally forgot to mention the other stories, like the Sword of Good or Three Worlds Collide. They’re done really well to and that’s what I meant when I asked if you’d continue (since you’re obviously out of HPMOR story).

  5. Just wanted to say thank you for this audiobook!

  6. Hey, I recognize that composer! :)

    It’s a pleasant surprise to him in your podcast; I know his music through the MLP fandom.

    • :) He does great work! He contacted me about composing an original piece if I needed one, and therefore the Sprout Fight Music in Chapter 104 is a David Larsen commissioned piece!

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