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  1. Thank you Eneasz for this podcast, I listend to HPMOR and Crystal Society on my daily hiking trips and I had so much fun while it lasted. HPMOR is an important part of my life, I read it 2014, listend to your podcast when it came out but droped it because of problems with the secruity certificate on the website and medium quality at the time. Good for me because coming back at it this year I had full access to the podcast but also to the analysis podcast.

    I am currently listening HPMOR with my sister together and reading Crystal Society on the website.

    Thank you so much for your work as an audiobook speaker, maybe I will find the time and listen to your podcast too. :)

  2. This seems to be the only Audio version of that book, and now I got Blue Balls.
    Reading is not the same with its excruciatingly slow bandwith and without the great voice-acting and sound effects, however

    This and the other Audiobooks were a great experience, even better than the Analysis-casts and the BC.
    There is hoping that with the advent of good text-to-speech and voice-cloning technology you dare such great projects again

    • Thank you much! :D It’s great to hear this sort of thing. I’ve thought about it, but my time is more limited nowadays. Perhaps in the middle future, though

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