The Farewell Episode

Thank you to everyone. This has been an amazing period in my life.

The survey mentioned is here.

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  1. I believe I started this podcast around 6 years ago, it quickly became one of my favorites. Your excellent narration, strong cast and great taste in stories has made this a real pleasure for me, thank you for all of your work here.

    Best of luck on all your future endeavors.

  2. Thank you, Eneasz! HPMOR and your podcast have been so meaningful to my life these past years. I re-listen to the HPMOR audiobook every once in a while (always fun to stumble across my own few lines!), and I love many of the other stories you’ve read that I might never have found otherwise. That includes What Lies Dreaming – I hadn’t looked it up yet, but after listening to this episode I’ve ordered a physical copy :)

  3. Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to make this happen. I’ve followed this podcast since 2012 and listened to the whole of HPMOR multiple times. Good luck with your future projects and thank you for reading the first chapters of “What Lies Dreaming”, I will definitely read the rest!

  4. You will be missed, love you.

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