We Want MoR – 00


In the pre-release episode, Steven sits down with Eneasz for a discussion the project of We Want MoR, of the book as a whole (including our first and lasting impressions). WE MOVE TO A SPOILER SECTION in the latter third of the recording! If you haven’t read HP MoR, absolutely skip this part. :)


We discuss briefly Daystar Eld’s rewrite of chapters 1-4. If you haven’t read them before, check them out. :)


In the first episode of We Want MoR, Steven and Brian cover the first 5 chapters of the book.

Read them here or check out the audiobook chapters below

Chapter 1

Chapters 2 and 3

Chapters 4 and 5

We’re not using this music for all of the episodes (wink to our friend’s at Doof Media!)

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  1. after reading through Daystar Eld’s remix of the first four chapters awhile back, that is my recommended starting point for folks, and then of course continue with the excellent podcast.

    (actually i’ve been pondering running a text diff to see if i can show you how… hopefully little… work it would take to update the podcast version, tbd)

    the remix is just so much smoother compared to some of the somewhat awkwardly stilted flow of the original, like i remember the ch1 line about mom going outside to laugh, pictured literally, so weird.

    if on reaching the end of the story, Eliezer Yudkowsky had gone back over the first few chapters, it would probably have been similarly revised.

    also i like to point out there are some widely known accidental authors who had a similarly public 5 years of improving their writing as they published a series…

    luckily enough people took a chance, that we all got to enjoy the rough starts on those series… and we ended up with things like HPMoR and Luminosity after.

    plus it is likely not so fun to go back to the start and polish one’s own work after that length of time, since time is valuable…

    and it is difficult to satisfy values except through friendship and ponies (finally read that Friendship is Optimal per your recommendation, too lolz).


    • email difference of those 4 chapters, hopefully that helps makes it easier to see what would be new to insert (or swap out) into existing recordings to replace the awkward especially first chapter (but also fills and smooths out the other three).

  2. Hey guys very dissapointed about the spoiler! Discussing it on the first episode was such a bummer… I was listening to it on stitchter and it sprung on me. I would imagine things were chronological!

  3. An interesting thing. I admired the way you were discussing topics and quite a lot of moments made me smile.
    It was fascinating to discover new facts about hpmor podcast and book itself and hear your voices again.
    Thank you very much for your work!
    I would like to add more specific replies to your discussion, but my english is too poor.

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