We Want MoR – Chapters 48-50


Harry struggles with the ethics of sentient non-humans and is asked to join a mysterious quest…

Original chapters, written by Eliezer Yudkowsky, can be read here and the audiobook chapters, recorded by Eneasz Brodski, can be found earlier in this podcast feed and on the website.

Next episode we will be covering chapters 51, 52, and 53!

Album art courtesy of Lorec. Thank you!

Coy manages an RSS feed that compiles the relevant audiobook chapters with the WW MoR counterparts. Just copy and paste that link into your favorite podcast app in the “add by url” option. Thanks, Coy!

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  1. Yo, how do you say these words below. Also how do you reconcile the fact that the design docs for the format saying that its pronunciation is made in reference to “jiffy”? Thought you were CS guys.

    agent budget angel danger emergency
    germ gel legend ingest gem
    generate gentle urgent age cage
    engage wage huge bridge dodge
    nudge fledge cartridge knowledge grudge
    ridge bilge cringe plunge dislodge
    challenge fringe sledge orange smudge
    singe forge hinge discharge emerge
    enlarge urge gorge large
    agile allergic apologize contagious digit
    gist digitize eligible giraffe engine
    engineer fragile ginseng fugitive fungi
    giant margin gigantic imagination gingerly
    legion legislature logic hygiene illegible
    original plagiarize religion strategic longitude
    vigilant vigilante surgical tragic region
    -ologist biologist cardiologist cosmetologist ecologist
    entomologist etymologist geologist musicologist ophthalmologist
    ornithologist psychologist zoologist
    -ological archeological astrological biological chronological
    etiological geological ideological meteorological mythological
    neurological pathological physiological psychological technological
    allergy clergy gyp edgy elegy
    energy gym gyroscope lethargy gymnastic
    sludgy metallurgy panegyrical liturgy prodigy
    trilogy Egypt Gypsy stingy synergy
    analogy anthology ideology apology biology
    climatology doxology ecology etiology geology
    meteorology mythology paleontology parapsychology ichthyology
    pharmacology phonology seismology physiology tautology
    volcanology zoology theology

    Pre-empting “it’s not jrafics”: Be consistent and say “jay-feg” and “unichef”.

    • I really don’t care how people pronounce things, but when you so confidently insist that the technically wrong pronunciation is correct, it’s really annoying.

    • Yo, how would you spell the word “gif” with a soft ‘g’ if that’s what you were trying to spell out phonetically? Why does the peanut butter brand spell Jiff with a J if a G would also convey the same phoneme? How do you pronounce the word “graphics” in “graphics interchange format”?

      This isn’t really a hill I want to fight on, but it’s one of the few in-jokes that I like to pretend to be strident about.

      • Did you really not read my whole comment? Literally all of those things are already addressed.

      • To answer in another way:

        Imagine If I had developed a picture format that used superior compression than the contemporary alternatives, I’d want its acronym to connote speed.

        Being that I am in the consumerism hellhole of the 80s, my brain is awash with brands, one of which evokes the idiom “jiffy”.

        Now I have to create the word salad that is my file format, with ads awash in my mind. Well, I can end it in format. What to start it with… If I didn’t know that my language was a mismash of others, I might not know that g can make the same sound as j. Luckily, I do, so I can use graphics.

        How to connect the two… Eh, let’s just slap in “interchange”, its a file moving from one machine to another machine.

        Hey look, a plausible way that it could have happened, almost as if it’s been literally in the docs since CompuServe introduced it.

    • It’s kinda weird that Quirrel doesn’t want to describe the possible mission in Mary’s place.

      It’s odd because if anybody’s overhearing this conversation they already know enough to warrant torturing him to death in the eyes of the law.

  2. I think you guys overestimated Harry’s character development.
    I think the Patronus training just put him in a certain mindset and then actually destroying the Dementor even more so. But beyond that he didn’t actually suddenly learn to empathize with non-intelligent people.

    I also think Brian should try thinking about the Patronus 2.0 being kept secret while forgetting all the previous “evil knowledge Jedi council” stuff. Like in this case it’s not like nuclear science being abusable or whatever. It’s literally portrayed as a potential cognitive hazard. Actually a good question to talk about. Does Brian even believe in cognitive hazards? And if not, does he accept the idea of memetic dangers and such in fantasy stories?

    By the way Steven, have you read Worth the Candle at all?

  3. Harry literally felt the Sense of Doom in Quirrel’s first class. He wanted to report it McGonagall, but she threatened him into not jeopardizing the Defense Professor’s job.

    I also think it got stronger when Quirrel was brooding over that idiot Gryffindor cursing a Slytherin with an unknown curse, but I’m not sure. There might have been other or more moments like that.

  4. Uncharitable but sometimes Brian gives me the impression that not only does he not really care about moral principles, he doesn’t even understand that some people actually do.

  5. Also while Harry was definitely more of a dick to Ron than he needed to be, it’s worth considering their conversation from his perspective. He’s in the middle of stressing out over this extremely important issue, when some guy he neither likes nor respects very much comes up and tells him he’s not allowed to have a relationship with his best friend anymore.

    The full level of condescension he used might have been a bit much but telling Ron to fuck off would be no worse than he deserved IMO.

  6. Dude, Harry hasn’t done anything evil.

    The only thing he’s done was say disturbing shit after being drained dry by a Dementor. And then this judgemental prick tells him who he can be friends with, tells him to stay away from his best friend and accuses him of being evil.

    I’m with him 100%.

    Also: Thoughts are free. Harry only thought condescending things about Ron, he didn’t actually do or say anything. You gave him shit for thoughtcrimes.


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