We Got Dreams! – Eneasz Brodski

Steven and Jennifer continue the dream in a discussion with the story’s author, Eneasz Brodski. The book is What Lies Dreaming. Read this book and buy it here.

The short story this is an expansion of is Of All Possible Worlds. Check out that story and everything else he’s published here.

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  1. “None of us are nobles.”

    Brodski means “nobleman of the ferry station.”

  2. Host expansion: Darn… I should speed up my headless cyber zombie novel…

  3. No! The point of departure for MoR is that Voldemort is smart. That led to David Monroe being a hero to oppose him and Aberforth being tortured to death. David’s and Abe’s death led to Dumbledore getting so desperate, he listens to all the prophecies. That leads to Firenze prophesying the world will end if Lily’s nice to her sister, which leads her to become bitter enough to threaten suicide. That led to Dumbledore writing into Lilly’s potion textbook, which led to Lilly helping her.

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